Hip Hip Hooray It’s Your Happy Birthday

Wilhelmus de Oranje Man “The Orange Man” – Hip Hip Hooray It’s Your Happy Birthday

Hip Hip Hooray! Put Mr./Mrs. Birthday in the spotlights and truly start the party. Sing together for 1:00 minute “Hip Hip Hooray”. Do you sing along and brighten that very special day? The NEW2022 happy Rock ‘n Roll Birthday Song! Let’s celebrate #birthday #happybirthday #hiphiphurray

Dutch entertainer Wilhelmus ‘The Orange Man’ strives to brighten that very special day, in ‘Hip Hip Hooray It’s Your Happy Birthday’. Following a successful dutch release, he is re-releasing in English to spread joy globally.

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3ufxpxJbKNp4342dlYIthQ?si=492897c197484820

Often performing for the elderly and disabled, he wanted to make a song for all ages; a spin on traditional birthday songs to truly start the party! With bouncing basslines, brass and guitar plucks, the track would be a perfect rock-n-roll addition to birthday playlists.